Our Mission: Bloom microgreens provides California’s Central Coast’s premier chefs with the freshest, locally grown micro lettuces, shoots, and herbs. Our product reaches the client closer to harvest than any other local grower. Your account is tailored on an individual basis to meet your seasonal menu application.

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Dear Bloom Microgreen Fans,

Over the last 13 years growing microgreens for the San Luis Obispo community: restaurants, grocery stores, CSA totes, individuals with special health needs and families I have been afforded the true gift of friendships turning into family, meeting so many Bloom Microgreen supporters in the community at events and sharing the true power of the small but mighty greens. I am so very grateful!

We all have had some hard decisions to make regarding our small businesses, our families and how we are navigating this time that not one of us on this planet has ever experienced before. It is with a very heavy heart that we have decided as a family that Bloom Microgreens will stop growing for the time being, to truly be part of flattening the curve. The concern of infecting others without knowing it or our family being infected by being in contact with others picking up microgreens is just to great. So with community and family safety in mind, we take a pause. We take time to think about what could be next and we focus on nurturing things close at home. It is my hope that you all are well, embracing the SLO down and focusing on just what you can within your family.

Thank you so very much for all of your support today and for the last 13 years!

Kara, Adam, Emily, Cassidy, and Addison