Bloom Microgreens Bloom Where You Are Planted
Kara Wood, founder
About Kara Wood:

The daughter of a United States Air Force officer, Kara Wood was born in Rapid City, South Dakota, and has lived in Texas, Colorado, Maryland and California.

Microgreens were not in Wood’s original career path. Armed with a four-year degree in Land Use and Planning from Metropolitan State College of Denver, she initially worked as a computer mapping consultant for the Environmental Protection Agency. Wood was next a mapping specialist for a commercial real estate company, where she stayed for six years, until she then opened and operated a small coffee shop in Colorado.

Wood’s interest in microgreens began with Dione Sears, a Colorado vendor whose specialty was custom growing microgreens for local artisan chefs. “We just connected,” says Wood. “She quickly became a second mother to me and a dear friend, and taught me everything she knew.”

Prior to her partnership with Sears, Wood says that her gardening experience was limited to working a small, backyard vegetable patch. “I’d always loved gardening, but I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb! But once I began learning about these greens, I fell in love with the lifestyle of it all.

“It’s just very calming to be growing something that is so beneficial to our health, and so appreciated by our customers.”

Wood lives in Los Osos, just a few minutes away from Bloom Microgreens.